Monday, November 7, 2016

The paradox of arts today [NUHA]

"We explore creation as we sense it, but there is no known example of a creature in the world that has the mind of a human. For some, it is the ability to choose destiny, to forge past what is right versus what is wrong. For others, it is the ability to love, to care for another in the most unique of ways. But, we cannot fathom a uniform definition of humanity except in the face of each other. To be human is to be the same as one another." 

Rajabu glanced at his phone. 3 minutes left. The old man was small, sitting on a chair with his back to the campus wall. His diction was clear, like Rajabu's great grandfather. Rajabu knew the English those men spoke was immaculate and came from a very systematic and colonial education. He had never seen this old man...

Read more of my submission to the 2016 NUHA Blogging Prize here.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spam truce or limits

Sometimes I think we are extremely loud online but only a fraction of it is valid, true, logical and factual, the rest is spam. What if every once in a while, we all agreed to stay quiet on all social networks? Or what if there was a rule that, unless you were licensed, you could only publish a maximum of 3 sentences on any digital platform?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Load times and attention spans

I have been thinking about Focus recently. I have also thinking about how digital social networks are affecting our behavior and responsiveness to one another. And I have a hunch that our intention to make good use of time may have affected how much we are willing to stay on a subject. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On habits and disruption

Are habit-formulation and disruption mutually exclusive? I read a lot about how successful people (Pending: Definition of "success") attribute much of their success to well-formulated habits; things they do day in, day out that are fixed in a schedule bound by time. Yet, I also read about unconventional activities that lead to changes in the way our world works that were previously unprecedented.

So, in a world where "habit" implies consistency and "disruption" breaks it, what's a 3-year old to choose?