Friday, March 28, 2014

Revision Rinsed V: Tech design

If technology is a tool to get things done more efficiently, then there are two prerequisites to any implementation of technology: First, there needs to be a thing to be done. Second, this doing could happen in more efficient ways. With these these two prerequisites, the implementation of technology seems to be appropriate. Without them, the implementation is likely to face trouble, if not failure.

However, if technology is not a tool to get things done, then we need to think further about prerequisites. In what cases do technological artefacts and the habits they involve manifest a unique culture? Who is involved with this culture and what are their motives? What is "the start" of this culture and what is "the end"?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The misuse of language

Words are tools with which we can express ideas. But when words are abused to shy away from a solid idea, one of two things needs to be done: Either the idea does not need to be expressed and nothing needs to be said, or proper words are used. Sentences such as "Like you know what I mean?" or "a thoughtful way to think about" or "let's plan to try and go" or "I'm almost uncertain about this" are misconstruing the point or are simply unnecessary.