Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More memories of Msyaf, Syria

Citadel @ Msyaf

Sunset over Salamiyeh

View from the Citadel @ Msyaf

Evening @ Tartous

Flagpole in the Citadel @ Msyaf

A pine tree in Damascus

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where are we going?

I wake up late a lot of mornings,
And those mornings are intense.
I have to shower like the water is fire,
And brush like the toothpaste is poison,
I have to eat like I’m eating rat heads,
And I burn my tongue drinking tea (that is lacking sugar).
I have to go to work with a half-done shirt,
My zipper is still open, and my socks don’t match,
I go to work contemplating last night’s events,
And talk to my colleagues mechanically.
I have to report some findings that I somehow did,
Efficiently too so I actually get paid,
I head back home and promise tomorrow will be different,
And yet, the next day starts late.
We wake up to life late some lifetimes,
And those lifetimes are intense.
We receive knowledge like its flame that will burn out,
And we prepare words like we’re about to attack,
We consume knowledge for material needs,
And get burned when it is used against us.
We leave our personal lives undone,
In pursuit of seemingly bigger, seemingly more important benefits,
We make important everyone but ourselves,
And talk to the person within mechanically.
We sometimes report to life and tell it we did things,
And we try to do it in a materially efficient way,
But when we retire at night and think about the world tomorrow,
Do we see if we have grown?
We’ve built governments, economies, and social benefits,
We’ve built what we love calling a modern society,
Yet in all the rush for expertise and qualifications,
Do we know where we are going?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is Damascus

And this is where I'm at :) More pictures coming soon Insha'Allah.

Historical brother

You’ve lost me, dear brother,
You’ve lost what I stood and lived for,
The glory of our protection,
The green of our grass and plants,
The grace of our canals,
The giving nature of our people.

I can’t blame you, but you are lost,
Without reason or history,
You were born out of a needy greed,
A thirst for power that my people perhaps fuelled,
You’re lost in a world of commerce and mistrust,
In a world of this nuclear greatness.

What can I say except remember,
Remember me and my people, remember us,
Remember you.

Remember where power comes from,
And for what reasons,
Remember those around you and where they came from,
Remember the seeds that grew,
Into plants, grass, animals, and birds,
Remember our skies are still your skies,
Our mosque’s souls are your mosque’s souls,
Remember why you breathe,
Remember your history and yes,
Remember your future.

Will you really call me your historical brother,
When I am right here inside you,
Remembering and talking to you?