Friday, April 30, 2010

TED conference in Dar

Posted via Vijana FM on April 30, 2010

TED is coming to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania this May 22nd, 2010.

Please information below quoted from the TEDxDar website:

About the TEDxDar Concept
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Our event is called TEDx Dar "Pamoja Tunaweza!", where x=independently organized TED event. At our TEDxDar event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

TEDxDar's Mission:

The TEDx Conference is intended to begin a process of public engagement and exchange of ideas in relation to innovation, society, culture, arts- a wide range of interdisciplinary issues that pertain to Tanzania at a local and global level. The forum is based on the belief in active discourse and public engagement in reaction to institutional constraints on creative development. The aim is to gather a wider array of individuals with various perspectives and specializations to hold TED-like 20 minute talks that will form the basis of a larger conversation.

Conference Themes (click on each to view description):

Event Details:

Title: Pamjoa Tunaweza!

Date: Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Time: 8.30am - 9.00pm

Location: Dar-es-Salaam International Academy (DIA)

More Information:

- For participants

- For speakers

- For sponsors

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Surveying social media initiatives in Tanzania

It has been a couple of months now since Vijana FM has been working with various young individuals around the world in an effort to stimulate constructive discussion amongst entrepreneurial youth.

I plan on being back in Dar-es-Salaam this coming August 2010 to survey the scope of similar social media projects that engage in educative platforms. Specifically, I plan on:
  1. Identifying education-related media projects that exist in Tanzania and greater East Africa;
  2. Outline the costs and benefits of such projects;
  3. Define how a collaborative platform such as vijana FM may benefit the general scope of media and education in East Africa.
In so doing, I hope that social media projects can consolidate their efforts to include a wider audience and engage youth where they are seeking engagement with the broader social, economic and political aims of the Eastern Africa region.

This survey will lead to much bigger implications than I myself can handle. Therefore, if you are reading this and you are either a representative of or have ideas for social media in the region, drop me a line so that we can figure out how to work together. The more individuals and groups that can support this project, the better.

So far, I have established contact with two media groups in the region; Mwananchi Communications and Tanzania Broadcasting Commission. Hopefully, discisussions with them will prove beneficial to this survey, and will help to garner further support from other media groups who would like to collaborate.

(Image sources: Click here for the map, or here for the radio image)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time to do things

Is it there there's so much to do in such little time, or that there is too much time to do such little things?

(Picture taken in Brighton, UK one April 2010 evening)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

More from SriBuo

SriBuo advertises a new album release from Ghana:

Artist: VIP (see profile on Museke here)
Album: Progress

Download free album samples:
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VIP feat. Dan Boadi: "Broni wewu"

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Album art:
- SriBuo Media

For more info:

Times are changing

A pair of CD decks or an audio controller? This is the question.

Media in East Africa: Past and Present

I have been meaning to write a post about the Pan-Africa Media Conference held in Kenya on March 18th and 19th 2010.

Host to this conference was the Nation Media Group, an established and experienced media corporation based in Nairobi, Kenya with subsidiares and outlet across the East African region.

The conference served to highlight past and present experiences of media in East Africa, and to also anticipate future challenges and goals. As noted in the conference follow-up report, mediums are changing fast; what used to be published only in print yesterday is now being covered on TV channels, radios and blogs. Content is becoming dynamic, ever-changing, and easily transferable.

At the same time, the political economy in East Africa is changing. Our governments are talking to eachother about building a basic economic framework by which Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania can trade freely. With this will come improvements in the mobility of people, goods and services in the region. And given the Seacom Fibre Optic Bandwidth project, more and more people have access to a broadband connection to the world wide web.

So what does this mean for East Africa? The conference has showed a few things, and these are my reflections on them:
  1. We need to prepare for local, East African media spreading further to areas than just East Africa;
  2. Mobile technology is competing with desktop and laptop technology - media websites need to keep mobile-readable websites in mind;
  3. The subject matter of media is much more fluid than it was 50 years ago - people have more access now to discuss issues they want to discuss, and the media needs to prepare for this to continue to happen if not more;
  4. News is now covered by anyone, not just professionaly-trained journalists. The quality is obviously different, but people can find out about things from people, not just their local radio news station. So media outlets need to consider how to give access for contribution to anyone (commenting on talk shows, blog posts, etc).
Let's see if media outlets (Vijana FM included) can live up to these challenges!

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