Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai attacked

Mumbai, India has come under attack by gunfire and grenades. Many believe terrorists have a part to play.

I'm wondering how it is the world moves when such things happen. Here we are in the United States, supposedly celebrating thanksgiving. Isn't thanksgiving also about others having the opportunity to give thanks, instead of just offering your own?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Youtube in WideScreen?

I was getting my daily dose of sampling music on youtube today, and realized the videos were showing in a slightly wider window. Word.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mozilla Minefield

So a friend of a friend mentioned using Mozilla Minefield.

Turns out Minefield is a "trunk" on the Mozilla browser project, and the official browser release is what we know as Firefox. Future releases of Firefox are beta tested on the Minefield trunk, and so Minefield is always supposedly a little faster since its farther developed, but it can also be unstable because it hasn't been officially released.

Thought it was fast on first impression, but it doesn't seem that much faster anymore. Anyhow, it's a cool project to keep up with. Here's some links:

Mozilla Firefox wiki

Minefield start page

Download links for Minefield

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So I was working on a PowerPoint presentation that had a table on one slide. I needed to edit the original spreadsheet, but I had no working document of the original Excel file. So I right click the table, go to Worksheet Object and ask Microsoft to convert the table for me so I can work with it.

The above dialogue box comes up. Take a second to read it all.

"The selected Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet object will not be converted."

Thanks for nothing, Microsoft. It may have made more sense if you never let me even think I could convert this in the first place.

(Solution, in case this ever happens to anyone else out there: Right click the table >> Worksheet Object >> Open. Once it opens in Excel, File >> Save A Copy. Do what you have to do, and then Copy >> Paste back into PowerPoint.)

Gmail gets themes!

Login >> Settings >> Themes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New York Times, July 4, 2009 (Part 4)

So this is The Yes Men's website! I quote:

"I would say if you've got one, hold on to it. It will probably be a collector's item. I'm just glad someone thinks The New York Times print edition is worthy of an elaborate hoax. A Web spoof would have been infinitely easier. But creating a print newspaper and handing it out at subway stations? That takes a lot of effort.I consider this a gigantic compliment to The Times."

- Alex S. Jones in the New York Times City Room Blog

And that's all there is on the website...

New York Times, July 4, 2009 (Part 3)

This article names the pranksters who pulled today's paper off as "The Yes Men".

It makes the paper out to be something people can use to look forward to - and to push, even - for Barrack Obama's presidency.

Fwd: New York Times, July 4, 2009 (Part 2)

More on Gawker about the fake paper today! 

New York Times, July 4, 2009

While taking a break outside of the building I work in today, I was given a free copy of a New York Times newspaper, dated July 4th 2009. The first headline: "Iraq War Ends". There were more headlines in the paper, including one of George Bush being tried for treason following the Iraq war...

More details tonight when I have looked through the whole paper. From some initial online research, I was able to find out (thanks to Flickr) that this is probably a fake copy. This is all very strange for me.

Boom Chikish Bam

Jemexx, V-squared and crew invited me to contribute to Boom Boom Chik, a blog dedicated to scouting the freshest in electronic beats. Among discussions about new singles and albums, the blog is a growing archive of diverse styles in the electronica genere from around the world.

The photo above is a sliced screenshot of my last post on Ferry Corsten's new album, Twice in a Blue Moon. Check out a promo video of one of the bigger the hits, Radio Crash, here.

Deadmau5 - Moonwalker

Deadmau5 is doing in this track something that I haven't seen him do in most of his tracks: added vocals.

To be brief, the vocal gives it a sick touch. Listen to Moonwalker here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why so serious?

So Chris Nolan, director of The Dark Knight, is being sued by Hüseyin Kalkan... why? Because Mr. Kalkan is mayor of a Turkish city called, none other than, Batman!
(Image source here)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Crichton Dies

Michael Crichton, one of my favorite authors who wrote Jurassic Park, Sphere and other science-fiction stories, has passed away. Read the article here.

On a side note, I'm beginning to read Al Jazeera a lot more.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Freedom of Speech in Tanzania

Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete speaks in this article on the importance of freedom of speech. The occasion marked a 4-day official visit from the Queen of Denmark. There are also some notes at the end of the article on Mr. Kikwete's actions as Chairman of the African Union regarding the current situation of Congo.

Riz Khan and Al Jazeera News

I watched "Q&A with Riz Khan" on CNN religiously as a child whose father looked up to news reported like Riz Khan. In the last few years, Khan made a move from CNN to Al Jazeera that always intrigued me, especially since you can't find Al Jazeera being broadcast in the United States.

So I did some reading, and found a letter from Riz Khan himself on the Wall Street Journal, titled "Why I'm Joining Al Jazeera". If you have a few minutes, it's a good read (even though its from 2005).

I will quote a few sentances that struck the right note:

"Until now, U.S. administration-led efforts to promote a positive image of Americans to people in the Middle East appear to have failed miserably. A media push out of Washington into the region doesn't resonate well with those actually in the thick of things across the other side of the world. Al Jazeera International plans to be an open platform for global debate and dialogue. It will effectively become the best conduit the U.S. has to speak to the Arab world, and vice versa. Plus, the debate will be free and open."

That one paragraph makes adding Riz Khan to my Facebook a worthwhile move.

From the US to Congo

While people are settling into the thought of having Barrack Obama as the first African-American president here in the United States, General Laurent Nkunda is leading rebel troops across The Democratic Republic of Congo in an attempt to protect the Congolese Tutsi population.

This has been going on for about 2 weeks now, but see the latest Al Jazeera news article here.

Kenya, in the meantime, is rejoicing at having a son take over presidency in the US...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Face of Change


It's a new day ...

Barrack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America. Today is a fresh, new day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

So it's Election Day here in the United States of America. I have never been so caught up in the US elections, and it feels good to be working/living with a group of people who are supporters of Barrack Obama.

Although I can't vote, I am sincerely hoping tomorrow will mark a fresh start for the US... and maybe the world.

Barrack - do this man, and do it well!