Monday, September 29, 2008

New Website

Well, not really a whole new website, but a new design. Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What a day

So I'm not too impressed with what I've seen/read/heard about the Android so far. Particularly, I am sorry that the Android had to be put on a phone like the HTC Dream. Talk to me sometime about it and I'll try to explain.

Nevertheless, I guess I'll stick to my retro Nokia 1208 for a little longer until I decide to give in.

I think I'm more disappointed about being this pumped about something and then not seeing it live up to the hype.

Talk soon. Maybe with regards to music... ?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Android Update 5

Android Update 4

A lot's happened this morning. Check out for details.

But I really need to see this phone. Although I may have problems with the physical appearance of this phone, I have a good feeling about how it can be used...

Android Update 3

Segey and Larry (founders of Google) are at the presentation... in rollerblades.

Man, I'm in flux right now.

Android Update 2

So I'm trying to follow the Gizmodo liveblog...

Highlights: Costs $179, T-mobile members can order it now, and there is no desktop sync application.

It does however use an accelerometer...

Android Update 1

So ... I couldn't stand it anymore after 1.5 hours of being at work so I went out to the closest T-mobile store and asked about the HTC Dream. All I got for the 21 questions I asked was an "I don't know". What gives?!

Now I gotta check out other stores. On Gizmodo Liveblog right now (thanks to Neechi).

Androided Out

I'm about to head out to work and I'm already stressing about the Android phone (HTC Dream). I just need to see it... I need a physical representation of all the imagination and speculation that's been building up over the last 6 months or so...

Please T-Mobile store... please have it?

General Assembly, The Markets, Android, etc.

So there's a lot going on. Last night, after a week's worth of drama involving both Lehman Brothers' corruption and Merrill Lynch's sale to Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs became bank holding companies under the Fed's regulation. There's a lot to it, but there's no use in me saying much because has enough to fill you in.

Also, the HTC Dream featuring Google's new Android phone software comes out tomorrow in T-mobile's stores. I've been excited, but after a T-mobile sales attendant at the store near my workplace told me he didn't know if they would get it tomorrow, I've kinda had the air kicked out of me. I'm not sure what to expect. I'll be following up tomorrow.

And to add to a seeminly fast-paced environment, I just found out today that President Kikwete will be speaking on behalf of the African Union at the UN's General Assembly meeting tomorrow. I tried frantically to get a pass through an NGO I knew, but it didn't work out given the last minute call. Serves me right for being distracted by Wall Street news lately. I really would have loved to see the man speak.

Anyhow, a lot of working pending for Vijana FM... more updates soon.

Word. I'm posting this via e-mail after ages of not having done so. Hope it works.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Comment

what. the. HELL is going on in today's markets?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Older shots...

Some photos I dug out from an old website:

Port Authority lights:



Upper Manhattan:

Fall 2006:


Spring 2007:

Coke at a London wedding:

Off the coast of Zanzibar:

The other day...

I was walking home when I saw a man with a strangely cool device. It was a long string, and he had it hanging into the gutters on the side walk. I happen to be passing him right as he was pulling the string out. Attached to the other end of this string was what looked like a magnet, and he had been "fishing" for coins!

I found that smart, since other people are stupid enough to be throwing away small change. Small change makes a big difference.

Although it was an explicit indicator of poverty even in this city, I thought it was also a sign of how simple an innovation can be.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tanzania will change

I am tired of hearing people say "Tanzania will not change" (they could be talking about any African country for that matter). If you don't believe it will, stop saying it. Because it achieves no progress.

And if you do believe it will change, you should be prepared to be part of that change.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I found out yesterday that Google had been working on their own internet browser, dubbed Chrome. It became available for download today, and so far, I'm liking it.

The gist of Google Chrome is that it is meant to make more efficient use of memory and space. It helps internet users get things done with minimal worries concerning the browser itself. The premise is that the browser should be used as a medium to get you to what you want to do, not be what you do (if that makes sense). Hence, fresh features such as each tab running its own set of processes and memorized search results in the address bar are part of Chrome's efforts to create a safer, more efficient browser.

And to top it off, Google has made the project open-source, which means other existing browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera) can take what they want from it and implement as they wish.

Some helpful links:

- Google's comic-book approach to defining the story of Chrome.

- Information and download site.

- Wall Street Journal article on Chrome.