Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Belief is a strong word. Faith is too. It's never been completely convenient to believe or have faith in something, because you often have to attribute some responsibility of a what might seem like a doubtful and intangible possibility to some divine power. That's where belief and faith, less the uncertainties, step in to attempt to solidify you.

That's also a good time to put on a progressive and vocal track.

Most patterns are - and have been - already laid out in electronica. There has always been a finely specific infrastructure that binds most of electronica together. A producer's special touch is involved with how to translate this pattern to you. He blesses his track with tweaks within the infrastructure. Each rhythm is designed with euphoric enthusiasm, and you pour with emotion. At the same time, it surprises you. While what might come after every 8th beat is almost an uncertainty, you learn to trust the infrastructure. You learn that no matter what comes after the next 8th beat, you'll be guided further.

You learn to believe in the music. You learn to have faith.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Busy Times

So what do you get when you mix 2 days into a week, International Student orientation, a computer that needs to be fixed, house chores, crazy numerous other tasks, and constant rain?

A really bad start to the week.

But it's been fun too. Mumo moved in this past weekend, and we've been setting up our studio apartment. So far, it's looking good! We thought we were going to be cramped, but the efficiency with which we are handling our space looks as if we'll be good :)

I really, really, REALLY need to make a mix. We've been sampling some insane tracks that would absolutely turn an average mix into a banger. I also need to get some fries...

Gotta bounce. More soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

DJ'ing by code ... LIVE.

Ever since I learned about music production using software on a computer, it almost scared me to think about how hard producers had to work to compose music in front of a computer screen.

But today I found out that DJ's not only produce their own music sometimes, but produce it while playing LIVE in front of a crowd. Check it out here, courtesy of

Now that's pretty insane.

Summer, Almost Done

There's about a week and a half left until August 27th, the first day of classes of my senior year. I have to say, it's been one long, fun but stressful-at-times kinda summer. I still haven't finished everything that I needed to get done, but it should all be settled by this weekend.

I've been dying to make a mix, but have not had the time - or the space, for that matter - to set up my decks and put together a good mix-collection of music. I've been sampling some fresh tracks, but that's about it. Be rest assured that my next mix will be just as fresh :)

Otherwise, most of my life right now is preoccupied with imagining what the next episode in life is going to be for me. I am working on grad school applications (mostly for Europe) and a few grant applications (to be able to start a public service project back in Dar), but you still get the feeling that anything could change, anytime. And it's this realization that constantly creeps up on me. No matter how sure you are, you're never really completely as sure as you think.

Meh... Can't wait for school to start. Need to keep my mind buzzing.