Saturday, June 30, 2007

The 411 This Summer

So it's hard not going home this summer. I've been hearing a lot about how Dar is getting heated with people. People are going down for Deedar and for some good old family reunions!

However the regretful feeling, I am still in for a busy summer. Working with network services has thus far been pretty hectic, but things are slowly beginning to ease into the summer vibe. I've started moving on my thesis, FAAP's project - DreamsWork - is already seeing the rise of its first two projects downtown in Easton, and I'm finally starting to make music!

Details will follow. For now, enjoy the warmth. You'll wish it was around in about 7 months from now.


Monday, June 11, 2007


So here's the deal. Try thinking of a street that has a constant murmur, and an occasional yell here and there. At any point in time, your ears can pick up on one of several conversations taking place around you simultaneously. You are walking in one direction but there are people walking in both. You think you find some faces similar in the crowd, but then you try to remember that you haven't been to Amsterdam much to know anyone. Your mind is buzzing from a good night, your ears can still hear the music from Club 11, where an intensified and bassful house party is still raging into the night. You're a bit hungry, but you're not worried because all the shops along the streets - doner kebabs, pizza, frites, falafel, candy, cake ... the works - are still open, and will be open for a while. What's nice about the scene is that everyone is from everywhere. You have a Rwandan friend on one side, and a German on the other. Now you just smile to yourself as you walk...

It's a good feeling when your mind stops moving every once in a while and just sits to observe what's moving around you. Amsterdam has been everything I wanted it to be.


Thursday, June 7, 2007


So Den Haag is treating me well. Diliana (Maria's mom) and Jan (Diliana's friend) have been hosting Maria and I like we were royalty. The meals have been hefty and the feeling of being on a holiday, a pleasure. We went to Centraal today (central Den Haag, basically downtown), and I saw my first 'smartshop' where they sell shrooms. I also saw one of everyone's favorite coffee shops, which I only though I'd see in Amsterdam.

Speaking of which, we're currently making plans to go there some time this weekend... Felix where are you?!

All in all though, it's great to be back in Europe. It's one step closer to home but it's also one step closer to being LIKE home :) Hopefully in the near future I'll have photos and more stories to put up. For now, I have to go and make the most of my vacation...


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Summer sweet summer

My season has finally come around, and I'm feeling mixed vibes. BGIA is done, and I'm at Lafayette for the summer, working with ITS. Good times - It's good to finally be able to catch up on sleep and other projects that have been sidelined by the past semester.

I will be visiting Maria and a few friends in Holland, and I'm leaving on Monday! Can't wait to be on vacation for 2 whole weeks! It's back to Lafayette after that, and I'm going to begin recording my first track.

Also in music news, I have been planning on my next two mixes for this summer. Rhythm Electro episode 3 will be coming out alongside a brand new fresh summer mix. I've been looking into finally setting up that studio and it's looking harder than I thought. It should be functional by the time school starts up again in late August.

For now, I'm going back to packing for Holland and sampling some Ministry of Sound tunes. Ciao!